You know why I like to gamble?

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You know why I like to gamble?

Viesti Kirjoittaja sala » Ma Maalis 11, 2019 7:32 pm

You know why I like to gamble? I like how there can be one dollar to make a hundred, or even more. And it happens so quickly and not expected. That's amazing. I like to feel those feelings when you think that here, here a little more and I will be lucky. It's certainly interesting. The beginning of the play probably five years ago in gambling. Now I know how many slot machines work, I know how some of them can be beaten. The world of gambling is certainly amazing. You can play for ages. Do you play these games?

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Re: You know why I like to gamble?

Viesti Kirjoittaja bitka » La Maalis 16, 2019 2:48 pm

Now a lot of people gamble.

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Re: You know why I like to gamble?

Viesti Kirjoittaja Katrin » Su Maalis 17, 2019 2:53 pm

Do you always win? Is there really no loss? I do not play gambling because I am afraid to lose my money. It seems to me that you can win only once in a casino and then you will only lose) Does anyone really play and not lose?)

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Re: You know why I like to gamble?

Viesti Kirjoittaja Komerant » Ma Maalis 18, 2019 6:13 am

Good day! Many times I tried to play in a casino in order to get some pleasure, well, not a few important moment to earn some extra money, only I got some extra money on the casino, I lost a lot of money. Now, after a while, the revision of the approach is decided, and I decided to start exploring at least some systems or strategies, I think they will help me in the next game, and good luck will turn to me.

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Re: You know why I like to gamble?

Viesti Kirjoittaja bitka » To Huhti 18, 2019 6:15 pm

How to play gorilla video slot
To start the gameplay, the user must press the Play now key. Next, in the window that appears, specify the number of game credits and click on the Pay in button.

The game panel consists of the following keys and Windows:

Paytable – opens the paytable, which displays all the symbols of the slot machine, the coefficients for them, the rules of the game, as well as all the winning schemes.
Lines – the number of paylines. Set with the "+" and "- "buttons. The number of lines varies from one to fifty. When the user sets this option, each of the paylines is displayed on the reels.
Bet/Line – bet on one game line. Its minimum value is 0.01 credits, and its maximum value is 2.
Bet – total bet. It is determined by multiplying the number of paylines per line bet.
Gamble – starts the game for doubling.
Start – activates one spin of the reels. When they are started, pressing this key again will immediately complete the rotation. When any winning combination appears on the playing field, the Start key turns into Collect. It adds winnings to the user's balance.
Last Win – the number of credits won for the last winning combination.
Credit – current balance of the user.
Autoplay – activates the automatic rotation mode. When it is started, this key is converted to a Stop button. It stops the automatic rotation.
The prize combination of symbols in the gorilla slot machine is a sequence of two or more identical symbols on the prize line. All winning combinations are made starting from the leftmost reel.
casino online
The symbols and coefficients of the Gorilla
There are thirteen symbols in the Gorilla slot machine. For a combination of three, four and five of these, the user will receive credits:

monkey – 80, 400, 2 000;
birds – 80, 300, 1 000;
flowers – 40, 200, 800;
A, K – 40, 160, 800;
Q, J – 20, 60, 400;
9, 10 – 20, 40, 400.
No combination of the two symbols will be paid except for the monkey and the birds. For two monkeys the player will receive 20 credits, and for two yellow or red birds – 8 credits.

These winnings will be earned at a maximum total bet of 100 credits.

The gorilla slot machine has a "wild" symbol. It replaces any other symbols except the scatter symbol.

The free spins mode is triggered by three scatter symbols appearing on the first, second and third reels. In addition to free spins, they will bring the user 400 credits with a maximum total bet of 100 credits.

Free spins mode in Gorilla slot machine
When three scatter symbols appear on the playing field, the free spins mode will be launched. It consists of ten free spins. Scatter symbols depict wildlife. The bet during the free spins mode is the same as it was before its launch.

Scatter symbols can only appear on the first, second and third reels. The free spins mode can be restarted, but it will only be given five free spins. During the free spins mode there is an additional “wild” symbol. It appears on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels.

Risk-game gorilla game machine
When on the playing field there was any winning combination, the user can start the game to double. If he does not want to risk the prize credits, he must press the Collect key and the game will continue as usual.

If the user decides to risk the game, he must click on the Gamble button. A card will appear on the playing field, face down. The essence of the game of doubling is to guess the color of the inverted card.

When the gambler has chosen the desired color, he must confirm it by pressing one of the keys. Buttons Red and Black are both on the playing field and on the panel.

If the player guessed the color of the suit, the winnings obtained for the last combination will be doubled. If the user has specified the wrong color, the win will be canceled and the game will continue as usual.

At the top of the playing field in the game for doubling indicates the last five cards guessed. Above them are two Windows labeled Gamble amount and Gamble to win. This is a bet in the risk game and the amount that will be received after the correct choice of card color, respectively.

The user can take the winnings at any time without even making a single choice. To do this, click Collect.

Gorilla slot machine has low volatility. This means that the user will often get low winnings. They will be approximately equal to the size of the bet. Both a beginner and an experienced player will find it easy to understand this slot.

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Re: You know why I like to gamble?

Viesti Kirjoittaja kladius44 » To Elo 29, 2019 1:22 pm

Choosing a legal online casino is probably the most important thing that should precede your game. Literally everything depends on it: your pleasure, good mood, luck of the game and much more. Already a lot of online casinos appeared one-day too eager for other people's money. The search for a reliable casino is standard, but true: reading reviews about the site, visiting forums of gambling players and studying the site itself for the design and reality of the offers.

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Re: You know why I like to gamble?

Viesti Kirjoittaja SamiSatalo » Ti Marras 19, 2019 10:46 pm

Olen kiinnostunut pelaamaan tätä peliä. Voin neuvoa sinua menemään online-kasinoon Kokeile tätä sinut yllättää kiinnostavilla tarjouksilla ja mahdollisuudella vastaan bonuksia.Toivon todella sinun saavuttavan tämän pelin korkeimmat tasot.

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