• WWB#6 - 1/2015
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WWB#6 - 1/2015

Lähetetty: Ti Helmi 03, 2015 8:44 pm
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Celebrating a full year of publication, the sixth issue of WWB looks back at the very beginnings of the Bomber scene in Finland, with a profile on Finnish underground superstar, Tane Tammela. Of course, there are all the highly-modified bikes that you expect to see, including the world premier of the latest madcap bike from the Mortagua Fighters' stable in Portugal, an astounding twin-charged Suzuki GSX-R, the World Wheelie Record-holding Hayabusa from Holland, a totally bespoke V-Max from Sweden, a trick-framed Ducati Monster from the Czech Republic, a deeply-desirable Honda street-tracker from the UK and loads more.
With tech features on learning how to paint your bike, and the last instalment of our B-Drifter KTM series telling you just how much fun it is to ride, plus a test ride on the surprisingly-sporty Ducati Diavel and an insider look at perhaps the best company to work for in the USA, do you have any reasons not to head to for a look?

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Lähetetty: Ti Helmi 03, 2015 8:53 pm
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